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The book « Supraplanung : unerkannte Denkhorizonte aus dem Reich der Mitte » (Supraplanning : Non-Perceived Dimensions of Thinking in the People’s Republic of China) In this book, three main topics are introduced:

Moulüe Moulvesupraplanning : a concept unknown in the West, only vaguely observed but not fully understood by the US-top-sinologist Ralph D. Sawyer; it is a level of thinking above the highest level of thinking (= the strategic thinking) attained in the West; for instance: at the end of the 20th century / beginning of the 21 th century, the Chinese Communist Party has proclaimed two 100-years-targets; which Western author has ever mentioned this concrete example of supraplanning of the highest Chinese authority ?

Ma-Lie maliesinomarxism : completely overlooked in all Western countries, especially in the United States (where, for instance, the Harvard [ ! ] – Professor Samuel Huntington in his “Clash of civilisations” dreams about a “Confucian [ ! ] - Islamic coalition” !).

Zhimou zhimou The Art of Resourcefulness : not really understood in the West, the Chinese Art of Resourcefulness is put in this book into a larger context.

Former books of Harro von Senger on this aspect in English language: The Book of Stratagems (= the first Western book about the 36 stratagems; published first in German, then published in French, Italian, Dutch, Chinese, Russian, Turkish, Serbian, Spanish, Portuguese and Uighur); 36 Stratagems for Business, published first in German, then published in English, Chinese, Dutch, Spanish and - in 2008 - in Turkish and in Japanese pdf and direct access.